About us

Since its founding in 2003 our company has become one of the leading metal-traders in Hungary. Our company is a professionally acknowledged, reliable and respected vendor of raw material and secondary raw material for the aluminium metallurgic industry in Hungary and the European neighbour countries. We are a respectable and effective cooperation partner for the majority of the aluminium primary a secondary raw material processors. We support them to fully realise the possibilities of the scrap processing. We are proud of our excellent relationship with the scrap processors and traders in Hungary and the neighbouring countries. We purchase from them and distribute their products Europe wide. Today we are one of the leading Aluminum tarders and since 2017 also one of the leading aluminium alloy producers in Hungary.

Our operation is based on the trade of the following metals: 

 - Aluminium and its alloys and alloying additions (Mg, Si, Cu, Zn)
 - Copper, its alloys and alloying additions (Zn, Sn, Pb, Al)
 - Chrome-nickel alloys and alloying additions (Ni, Cr, Mo, W, V)
 - Zinc and zinc alloys
 - Other non-ferrous metals and their alloys
Our aim is to serve our customers and secure the success of our company based on our philosophy resting upon the three columns of:

Expert Knowledge – Business sense – Finance Power

- We support our partners with expertise to enable them to produce the best possible quality of metal products according to their customer requirements
  and to assure an optimal utilisation of the materials.
- We organise the trading (market research, documentation, settlement, and the feedback) between suppliers and buyers, as a direct business process would be.
- We ensure our suppliers short payment targets and our customer advantageous finance arrangements which allow favourable payment terms and quick
  settlement for mutual benefit.

In the year 2009 our company has opened its new office and logistic center in Varpalota. This allowed us to extend our activity:
- to control the quality of the material and to supply with checked in our laboratory chemical composition as certified secondary raw material,
- to spool the material for the "just in time" delivery to our customers.
In year 2012 and 2013 our company aquired the licence of Hungarian authorities for recovery of Aluminium, Steel and Copper scrap according to the regulations 333/2011/EC and 715/2013/EC and obtained the qualification for "end of waste" status for Aluminium & Steel and also for Copper scrap. (See the explanation at EU site
Our firm has purchased in 2007 a partial ownership of Aluminium plant in Varpalota, which  under name INOTAL Zrt is producing Aluminium semiproducts (wire, rolled strip and slug products). Since this time our company is selling deox rods and ingots.
Since year 2009 our company is trading also with Aluminium semiproducts, like Al sheets, strips, profiles, rods, wire. For this activities our company founded a joint venture
SK Alutrade Kft together with russian investor (our part shares we have sold to our russian partner in year 2021). In year 2012 our company as 100% owner founded the Martin Metal Product Kft for the trading and warehousing of Aluminium, Copper, Stainless Steel and other semiproducts. In 2015 our company bought shares in Alumelt Engineering Kft, and started with production and trading of Aluminium casting alloys. 
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