Al scrap for production of semiproducts

Alignment of alloysDesignationDescription
1XXX seriesAl 99,5-99,7 electrical wireShining bright wires what are new, or came from cable-skinning , granule or power bus bar
Al 99,5-99,7 old (oxidized) wireunalloyed air-cable, wire , granule
Al99,5 thick sheetssheets with min. thickness of 5mm (tank, or hopper sheets)
Al 99,5 unalloyed scrapUnalloyed sheets, profiles (wall thickness min. 0,5 mm).
Al 99,5 unalloyed with foilUnalloyed sheets coated with preventive plastic foil (weight ratio of foil max. 3%, wall thickness min. 0,5 mm)
Al99,5 unalloyed paintedthin painted or lacqued (cover-material ratio max. 5 % of the mass wieght, wall thickness min. 0,5 mm)
Al99,5-99,7 tubes briquettedblank or painted tube-waste from processing, plastic free
Al 99,3 Offsettypographic offset sheets (used, min. thickness 0,2 mm)
6XXX seriesAlMgSi0,5 profilewall thickness max. 3 mm. With allowed content of max. 10% eloxed profile.
AlMgSi0,5 profile paintedthin paint or lacquer coating, max. 5 % of mass weigth
AlMgSi0,5 isoprofile (with plastic)isulating plastic and the paint coating shall be max. 15 % of mass weigth
AlMgSi0,8 wireAir-cable
AlMgSi0,5-1 tubes & profilesmax. 10% eloxed profile per pallets allowed
5XXX seriesAlMg1-5 sheet, tube, profilethickness of sheets min. 0,5 mm without of ferrous or nonferrous dross
AlMg1-5 sheet, tube, profile paintedthickness of sheets min. 0,5 mm
AlMg1-5 sheets with foil sheets coated with preventive plastic foil, weight ratio of foil max. 3%. Thickness of sheets min. 0,5 mm
2XXX seriesAlCuMg (dural) scrapwall thickness min. 0,5 mm
3XXX seriesAlMn, AlMnMg sheetswall thickness min. 0,5 mm
7XXX seriesAlZnMg type scrapwall thickness min. 0,5 mm
8XXX seriesAlFe, AlFeSi scrapsheets, industrial foil (Al cooler flakes)
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