Casting alloys

 We are renting from Alumelt Engineering Kft (owned in 51% by our company) the following producing line:
- 2 rotary furnaces (type Alumonte),
- 2 casting furnaces (type Stotek),
- 1 casting machine (type Gautschi)
with capacity 15000 tons/year.
Martin Metals is ready to produce and sell today all main types of casting alloys in form of
- 6-7 kg ingots,
- 400 or 700 sowses,
- liqiud metall in caldrons.
We are also trading with ingots produced by our cooperation partners (1st by our russian partner).
The chemical composition of the standard casting alloys you can dowload with click on this link (in german laguage).
We like also the nonstandard chemical compositions, produced according to the special inquires of our customers.
We are ready to fulfill the extra orders concernig to the geometry of bundles, packaging, labeling and other special inquires of our partners.
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