Packaging specifications

Our company purchases aluminum waste and other raw materials suitable for metallurgical processing in quality and form.

Preparation methods:

  1. Baling,
  2. Bundling,
  3. Bagging, boxing, crate packaging,
  4. Bulk transportation.
1. Baling: Compressing waste with a waste press into block-shaped bales. Common bale dimensions: 300 x 300 x 500 mm, 400 x 400 x 600 mm. Permissible bale dimensions: max. 800 mm x max. 800 mm x max. 1200 mm. Fixation: On wooden or aluminum pallets, with steel or plastic straps. Pallet dimensions: EUR pallet dimensions, max. height 1500 mm including the pallet, max. weight: 2000 kg.
2. Bundling: Sheets, fibrous materials, or coils can be bundled by stacking them on top of each other. The bundles should be suitable for being handled 3-4 times. Fixation: On wooden or aluminum pallets, with steel or plastic straps. Pallet dimensions: EUR pallet dimensions, max. length 2500 mm, max. weight: 2000 kg.
3. Bagging, boxing, crate packaging: Small-sized pieces (maximum length of 300 mm, in some cases up to 500 mm), non-baleable remnants, shredded profiles, cut-offs, and granules can be transported in bags with a load capacity of 1000-2000 kg, paper boxes, or wooden or metal crates. Bags and boxes can be strapped onto a pallet for transport, while metal crates can only be transported with a base that allows tipping. It is the responsibility of the supplier to return the metal crates.
4. Bulk transportation: Waste such as pipe-profiles and sheet waste with a maximum size of 300 mm (in some cases 500 mm) can be transported in bulk form using self-dumping trucks (tipper, walking floor).
Loading: Trucks should always be loaded in a way that allows for quick unloading with a forklift. Bagged, baled, or bundled materials are not accepted on containerized or movable floor transporters. Loading on the second level of the shipment is allowed under the following conditions: Only uniformly stable packages on a fixed surface and strapped with pallet straps can be loaded. It is prohibited to load unit packages on PE bags (big bags) or uneven, unstable surfaces. Our company reserves the right to refuse the acceptance of packages that arrive in unsatisfactory conditions (tilted, lying down, spilled, scattered, or without pallets) for safety reasons.
Attention: Recently, several transporters have sent shipments with insufficient weight or undersized bags, resulting in increased costs for unloading, material handling, and transportation. Therefore, starting from January 4, 2021, we require a minimum weight of 300 kg per package, unless otherwise agreed. For packages weighing between 300 kg and 500 kg, a 1% deduction will be made from the price.
If the unloading of the cargo cannot be done safely, Martin Metals Kft reserves the right to refuse the unloading and acceptance of the delivered waste and may remove the vehicle from the company premises.
Repeated deviations from the above-mentioned requirements may lead to the rejection of the claimed items or the entire shipment. The supplier is responsible for any costs and/or damages incurred due to deviations from the packaging requirements.
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