Remelted wrought alloys

Our company is remelting such aluminium scrap, which is not usuable for producers of semifinished products, like following kinds of scrap:
  • thin materials (tubes, flacons, sheets, punchings etc.)
  • turnings (2000, 4000, 5000, 6000 series)
  • UBC (3000 series)
  • forging ships
  • Alufoil (8000 series)
We are open for cooperation with producers having such materials for remelting also in form of tooling works.
The remeltesd alloys we are supplying with known chemical composiiton in form of sows 400, 700 and 1100 kg.
400 kg sows                                         700 kg sows
1100 kg sows                                     550 kg half sows   

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