New regulation for Hungarian trade activities:

Dear Partner!

First of all we would like to apologize for this inconvinient situation. We hope it will not disturb our cooperation. We will do our best to minimze the problems generated by the use of the monitoring system. Concerning our cooperation we kindly ask you one change in your businnes activity: please ALWAYS inform us before the start of the truck and ask for registration number!

1. Please read our notification for the partners (click on this)

This data sheet is in Excel format. You can see on the second sheet a sample for filling out. on the first sheet you have to fill out the datas for the new delivery. Please fill out all of the needed items, because we need all datas for the registration of the delivery.
3.  You can read more information about the system on the official homepage: 
Thank you for your understanding!
Martin Penk 
managing director
Vissza a lap tetejére